Preserving Parent-Child Relationships

The relationship you have with your children is important. After a marriage ends, you will want to continue to build and hold on to the relationship you have with your child. If you and your spouse mediate your divorce, you will come up with a plan that works best for both parents. In cases where custody is determined in court, a judge will make these decisions.

At J. Torrez Law P.C., we work compassionately and aggressively in order to preserve the relationship you have with your children. In Texas, child custody is called conservatorship, and can be complex and complicated. We will guide you through all aspects of conservatorship and fight for what is best for your family.

Understanding Types Of Custody

Texas laws determine custody based on what is believed to be in the best interest of your child. This could result in a variety of circumstances. Courts typically strive to create and even balance that preserves the relationships of both parents with their children, resulting in joint managing conservatorship.

Joint conservators make major decisions together. In a joint conservatorship, you will co-parent with your spouse and utilize a parenting plan that allocates parental responsibilities. The child is likely made to feel like they have two primary homes, one with each parent, rather than a true home with just one parent.

In cases where a joint managing conservatorship isn't granted, each parent will still play a role. Those roles will include:

  1. Managing conservator: This will be the parent who has physical, primary custody of the child. The child will live with them.
  2. Possessory conservator: This is the role of the other parent. They will still have access to the child, but the visits will be under a defined schedule. This parent can still offer assets to the child.

The process for determining conservatorship can be completed in conjunction with a child support hearing.

Your Austin Child Custody Lawyer

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