Helping Parents Establish Paternity

Parents have a responsibility to care for their children. When parents are unmarried, it may be necessary to legally establish paternity in order to ensure and enforce parents' care for their children. Whether you are a father who wants to take the steps to have rights to your child or are a mother wishing to establish paternity in order to get assistance with child support and other matters, the family law attorney at J. Torrez Law P.C. can help.

How Is Parentage Determined in Texas

In Texas, there are different classifications for fathers and paternity. A father can be classified as:

  • Acknowledged: A father is classified as acknowledged if he signs an acknowledgment of paternity document. That document is filed with the state and he is officially considered the father of the child.

  • Presumed: A father is classified as presumed when a child is delivered by a married woman. The husband of the mother is considered the father of the child.

  • Alleged: A father is classified as alleged if a child is born to an unmarried mother and he is suspected of fathering the child.

  • Adjudicated: A father is classified as adjudicated if a court determines he is the father through DNA testing.

Most hospitals in Texas will present an acknowledgment of paternity document to unmarried couples after the birth. If fathers have any questions, they should contact a lawyer before signing.

Who Can File a Paternity Suit

If there are questions regarding paternity, or if individuals want to make sure they are considered the legal parent of the child, a paternity suit can be filed.

A suit can be filed by:

  • The mother of the child

  • The man claiming to be the father

  • A man presumed to be the father

  • The child via a representative

  • The Texas attorney general’s office

We can help you file for a paternity test.

Let Us Help You Fight for Your Child

Proving parentage establishes certain legal duties and grants parental rights. Child support, conservatorship, and visitation are all impacted by parentage. If you are a father who wants to have a say in how your child is raised, or if you are a mother who wants to hold a father accountable, contact our office. Call to schedule a consultation with our paternity lawyer. We are located in Austin, Texas, and serve families in Travis, Williamson, Hays, Caldwell, Bastrop, and Bexar counties.