Clarity & Consideration

Jo Ann helped me and my wife navigate the complex divorce process with clarity and consideration for both sides. She didn't judge, show favoritism and didn't rush us through the process. We were thoroughly impressed and highly recommend Jo Ann if you're looking for a guide and mediator for your divorce.

-Alex Puhl

I Truly Appreciated how They Made Me Feel

My son was hit head on by a drunk driver in November of 2017. Joann Torrez and her legal team, Daniel R., took this case and my son under their wing. This case had several complicated matters but day and night and even weekends, they worked hard for him and he was able to get the maximum amount allowable. Even to this day, because of my son's injuries, they still check on him. From the beginning, I truly appreciated how they made me feel comfortable during a tough and scary situation in my life.

-Esther Montoya

You Want Her on Your Side!!!!

My son was taken to court by his son's Mother. He was served papers on a Monday to be in court on that Thursday. He was facing a protective order with only 4 hours supervised visitation and she asked for him to pay all court costs. Ms. Torrez was recommended to me and my son and I we with her on that Wednesday. We provided her with txt messages and pictures of my son's involvement in his son's life since birth. We went to court that next day and her lawyer was VERY surprised to see Ms. Torrez representing my son. Before we made it to the Judge, she met with the Lawyer to try to negotiate but he wasn't moving on the visitation. Long story short, Ms. Torrez was like a bulldog in court! She was prepared even though she only had one day to review. She was professional and also had some spitfire in her. She had the other lawyer so frustrated! In the end my son was given visitation every Saturday as well as Skype twice a week and was not ordered to pay her Lawyer's or court fees. This is the most he's been able to see his son and he was on cloud 9 when we left the courtroom. Thank you Ms. Torrez for you tenacity!

-Deborah Gonzalez

Great Work

Great law office. They took our case on a short notice and assisted us through the process. Great work guys!

-Giray Gunes

Completely Changed My Life

I am very happy with the professional services of J. Torrez Law. I was in a very serious motor vehicle accident and had severe debilitating back and head injuries and the folks at J. Torrez Law handled my case quickly and professionally and obtain me over $235,000 dollar settlement. They kept good communication with me during the process and I was always well informed and clear as to what was happening in my case. I did not have any health insurance or personal auto insurance and J. Torrez Law quickly got me all the sophisticated imaging and medical care that I needed when I needed it. I was in a very bad financial position after this accident, as I lost my job, had no money, and I was virtually homeless. J. Torrez Law did a great job representing me and completely changed my life. I am so grateful. I will never forget it.

-Juan Garcia

Extremely Knowledgeable

Convenient scheduling, very polite staff! No hidden fees! Mediator was very seasoned, Extremely knowledgeable!

-Leslie W.

Exceptional Service

Exceptional mediator! We scheduled mediation for 4 hours, but reached an agreement in 2 hrs. Hearing our difference from a neutral party made it easy to settle our case. Very highly trained Mediator!

-Richard C.

Deciding Your Own Fate

It's nicer to choose the outcome of your own fate than to have a judge make that decision for you. Thank you, J. Torrez Law, P.C.

-S. Chaudhary


After a year arguing through the courts, thousands spent in attorney's fees and so much at stake, we took a shot at mediation. To this day I'm still amazed how they settled our case...Phenomenal! The Best Mediators!

-S. Gardner

Small Firm, Big Results

Handled both of my personal injury cases like, I was someone special. You'd NEVER get that kind of attention & service at bigger firms. Small firm BIG results!!! Thank you so much J. Torrez Law!

-Susan Melendez